Welcome to NONAX's!


So I'm a retro computer enthusiast with special interest for Commodore computers. I started this site to post some utilities and programs others might find usefull.

I am a staff member of the wonderfull HCC Commodore computer club. We meet every 3th saturday of the even month in "Het Trefpunt" Maarssen (The Netherlands).


Currently on this site:

  • GB2SD - a Windows utililty to download and extract Gamebase 64
  • progtransfer - a simple C64 program to use with the Telesys Commodore 64 IEEE interface



Why nonax?

Well, a long time ago I wanted to create a user account on a website (can't remember which). But every name I tried was already in use. My suspicion was that they wanted to force me to use a number in the name. So I tried the non existing name nonax, and indeed it was already "in use". After that this name somehow stuck with me :p