In the extreme rare occasion that you have a Telesys Commodore 64 IEEE Interface and you want to use the C64 to write PET programs to disk then you might be interested in this very simple program. With it you can load a program from disk/SD and save it on an IEEE 488 drive like the CBM 8050. The problem is that PET (BASIC) programs start at $0401 where C64 (BASIC) programs ;start at $0801. This address is saved to the header of the file. To get a correct header the PET file is loaded to $0401 on the C64 and then saved to disk.

There are two problems to overcome which prevents normal BASIC commands from working:

1. $0401 is the location of the character screen on the C64

2. SAVE will start saving from $0801

Therefore ProgTransfer will:

- Move the screen to BANK 2 with same default offset ($8400)

- Force load the data to $0401 from device #10 (where my uIEC listens to)

- Save the data from $0401 to device #8 (disk 0 on my CBM 8050)



SOURCECODE (CBM Prg Studio assembly file)



  • Connect your C64 drive / SD as serial device #8
  • Load ProgTransfer to $C000 (use LOAD "PROGTRANSFER",8,1
  • Make sure you have the right Disk / Directory selected and the name of the file to transfer memorized
  • Type SYS49152 [Enter]
  • Type the file name and end with [Enter]
  • Wait for the program to finish (messes up your screen)


    System requirements:

  • C64
  • Telesys Commodore 64 IEEE Interface
  • Commodore IEEE - 488 compatible drive (CBM 8050, 8250, etc))


For people with the hardware but not the documentation:

Telesys Commodore 64 IEEE interface (scanned) manual